Google Slides Makeover

Google Slides Makeover

Do your Google Slides need a makeover? You may need a Slides intervention. You’ve come to the right session! We’ll discuss the different reasons why we would use slides and how they might look different for different purposes. And we’ll learn and use different tools (color, font, shapes, themes) to make our slides better looking and more effective for learning. Bring some slides you’ve already have to makeover. If you were here last year for Google Presentation Zen, this is Presentation Zen 2.0.


Use design tools (color, font, shape) to make prettier slides suited to your purpose.

Create your own theme.

Take some slides you’ve already made and beautify them.

Why do we use slide presentations?

Example Teacher Slides

Slide Rules

G6 Slide Design Rules

Design Tools

Google Stock Images

Use Google Stock Images to find beautiful images.

Insert / Image / Search / Stock

Fill the screen!


Use COLOURlovers to find color palettes created by people who know more than us about color.

After you find a palette you like, copy the HEX codes into the custom color area of Slides.

You only have to copy the HEX codes once for that slideshow, then you can keep using the colors.

Use Chrome extension ColorZilla to pick colors from a webpage or photo.

Install the Chrome extension

Click the eyedropper

Click on a color of a webpage or a photo

The HEX code is copied to your clipboard

Paste the HEX code in the custom color area of Slides (works with other Google Apps too!)


Highlight text on your slide and click on the font area and click More Fonts to see the other fonts Google has.

IMPORTANT - The hard rule is no more than two fonts!! One is ok too!

Interested? Look at the 10 Commandments of Typography for more information.

Themes / Master Slides

Check out the recently updated themes built in to Slides.

Even better, create your own theme.

How to edit the theme / master slides

More detailed instructions from Alice Keller

Check out Slides Carnival for even more beautiful themes you can copy and modify.

More graphic design resources here.

Share your work

Share a slide here!

Publish options

Share vs. Publish


Share with edit, comment or view only access. Viewers can see presentation notes. Only 50 people can view or edit a slideshow at one time.


View only. Viewers cannot see presentation notes. Viewers see the slideshow in full screen. No limit on number of viewers. You can set the slideshow to advance automatically.

Inspiring ideas and resources

Expand your use of Slides. Use Slides to make a poster or resume

Use Slides to make an ebook (portfolio and landscape examples from Shaun Kirkwood)

Choose Your Own Adventure (how to and example - thanks GCT Eric Curts)

Pecha Kucha (how to)

Animation (how to vid and text)