Graphic Design Resources

Graphic Design Slides

Slides you can copy and modify for your class. They cover font, color, shape, and CARP.

Graphic Design Tools and Rules


10 Commandments of Typography

Font Squirrel

Font Fabric

Download fonts for use on your laptop software (not in Google).

Google Fonts

More font options


Font Squirrel

Font Fabric

Download fonts for use on your laptop software (not in Google).

Google Fonts

More font options


10 Commandments of Color Theory


Choose from already created color palettes.

Adobe Color

Use a color wheel to find various color combinations.

You can also create a color palette from an image.

ColorZillaChrome extension that allows you to pick colors from various sources.

More color tools


These sites include icons you can download OR just use them for inspiration and make your own with shapes!


You can pick a color and size before downloading with flaticon.

The Noun Project


More ideas here

CARP Resources

Contrast - Alignment - Repetition - Proximity

Design Secrets Revealed iBook by Keri-Lee Beasley

CARP Design Posters by Keri-Lee Beasley

CARP at Presentation Zen

More resources

Rubrics - Ask yourself WHY!

Graphic design rubric - generic rubric you can modify for any project

Visual Literacy Resources

Common Core in Action: 10 Visual Literacy Strategies by Todd Finley

IVLA - International Visual Literacy Association

Viewing Map of Development and Viewing Resource Book from the Western Australia Department of Education

The Power of Visual Communication Infographic

Using Photographs to teach visual literacy

Standards that address visual literacy

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE Standard 1)

Mid-Continent Research for Educational and Learning Corporation (McRel Standard 9)

G6 Slide Design Rules

Presentation Zen

More slide design resources

Poster Design Tips

Open these slides in a new window.

G6 Poster Design Tips

Keri-Lee's collection of great posters

Need Photos?

Creative Commons Search

Clipping Magic to remove object from background

or use Instant Alpha in Pages, Keynote, or Preview

Other things

The Daily Create blog - Search their daily creative assignments for ideas.

Evolving the Google Identity - short article about the process of redesigning the Google logo

Use these sites to help students 'read' visuals

The Big Picture - The Boston Globe

Wordless News

Photo of the Day - National Geographic

What's Going On in This Picture? - NYTimes


Image Analysis Questions

Analyzing Images from Facing History

Analyzing an Image worksheet by Frank Curkovic

Deconstructing to Construct-Visual Literacy through Image and Media Analysis by Frank Curkovic