Classroom Management in the Digital Age

Many teachers are confident in their teaching, but less so with technology, creating anxiety around their ability to adapt to the changing education landscape.

This book will remind seasoned educators there are many tried-and-true practices on which they can continue to rely, while also offering tips and tricks to deal with the nuances of technology-rich classrooms.

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The education landscape is shifting. Information accessibility grows while attention spans shrink. Media is king and yet teachers are expected to effectively harness it for learning while also managing the distractions technology tools bring. Keeping up with the times while keeping time-wasters and senseless screen staring down is new and difficult territory for the most seasoned educator.

Don’t fear the devices! In the willing teacher’s hands, this is a new and welcome age to harness for exponential learning. It is a frontier where technology equipped teachers learn alongside students and utilize current tools to maximize collaboration, creativity, and communication in relevant ways. Classroom Management in the Digital Age guides and supports established and transitioning device-rich classrooms, providing practical strategy to novice and expert educators K-12.

Update your own operating system for the digital age by

  • Getting attention from those device focused faces
  • Establishing procedures for daily class routines that harness the power of technology tools
  • Cultivating a culture of student ownership and responsibility
  • Developing routines that increase on-task behavior and lessen teacher anxiety
  • Communicating with parents on best practices and consistent school to home behaviors
  • Decreasing distraction with simple, helpful tips
  • Letting go of being the expert and taking charge by partnering in learning

Classroom Management in the Digital Age offers teachers competency and confidence. If you have devices in your classroom already or if you’re moving towards implementing tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, or any other device, Classroom Management in the Digital Age will partner with you in creating relevant classrooms where learning rules.