Tell Me With a Graphic


Visual Literacy Skills for Students and Teachers

We often ask students to communicate their learning visually, but we don’t always provide them with the graphic design tools they need to create an effective message. In this workshop we’ll explore Google Drawings as a tool to create graphics while learning basic visual literacy and graphic design skills (color, font, shape, and CARP) good for administrators, teachers, and students alike. Bring a favorite quote and you’ll create a graphic you can share on social media or print for your classroom. Join me on my mission to eradicate bad design. You’ll need a laptop to use the full functionality of Google Drawings. Feel free to use another drawing tool you are comfortable with as well (Pages, Keynote, Adobe software).

Tell Me With a Graphic - KL



Google Fonts – But go to "More Fonts" in Drawings to access and use them

Dafont and Font Squirrel are two places you can download fonts to use in non-Google software

Try FontJoy or FontPair for advice on how to pair fonts

The 10 Commandments of Typography by


Adobe Color or Canva Colors for choosing color palettes

ColorZilla Chrome Extension for choosing colors in your browser

The 10 Commandments of Color Theory by


flaticon and Noun Project for icons

Try AutoDraw to convert your quick drawing to a beautiful icon

Look at pixabay or Unsplash or 8 resources for diverse stock photos for gorgeous photos you can use in your creations

Check out Blush or unDraw or BlackIllustrations for gorgeous illustrations


“Design Secrets Revealed” by Keri-Lee Beasley – free in the iBooks Store

CARP from Presentation Zen

Heather’s graphic design resources

Need inspiration? Look at Pinterest.

See student created work here


Please share your creation on Padlet.

Open this Padlet, and add your name and Google Drawing.


This rubric is a work in progress to help teachers assess design work. Click image to open. Feel free to make your own copy and modify for your students.