So You Think You Can Search


Not only can Google Search tell us the weather, do math, and have fun with hidden Easter eggs, it is a powerful search tool students can use to find sources appropriate to their research. Come to this workshop for some tips and tricks to narrow your search results with advanced Google Search. Also discover little known search tools, all while having fun!


So You Think You Can Search?

Google Search Resources

Search tools

Google Scholar - search scholarly articles

News - search for recent news

Google News Archive - Miss microfiche? Go here.

Books - search published books

Ngram Viewer - display a graph showing how often phrases have occurred in books over time, more info here

Public Data - searches through public data published around the world (World Bank, US Census, IMF, etc.)

Trends - search for who is searching for what when (ie. what’s trending in different parts of the world)

Search resources

Google Search Support Site

How to search on google - Google Search Support Site

Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching online courses

Google Search - About the Google Search mobile app

A Google A Day Search Game - Interactive game

15 second search tips - YouTube playlist of 15 second videos about Search

Google Search official blog

Get More out of Google - Infographic tips and tricks for students conducting online research

Inside Search - How Search works and tips and tricks

Google Search Challenges

Posters you can print

Shortcuts graphics - round graphics showing the advanced search shortcuts

Search tips and tricks poster - Infographic showing modifiers to use to limit your search

Google Like a Boss - Infographic showing modifiers, similar to above infographic

Search poster - Another infographic search poster

even more posters here

Power Searching Quick Reference Guide - 2 pages of text, but really good explanations of different search features

Google Search Challenge

Click to open the Search Challenge document you see below. Make a copy for yourself.

Search Challenge - iPD