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Good Design with Google Slides

We’ve all experienced a “power pointless” presentation, or worse, the dreaded “death by PowerPoint.” Presentation tools can be dangerous or even deadly when wielded by the inexperienced. Never fear, a Zen Master of presentations is here. In this workshop we will focus on the functionality and flexibility of Google’s Presentation tool, with an eye towards best practices in simple design which are critical communication skills for teachers and students alike. Bring your laptop for this hands-on session.

A Few Great Design Resources

Check out Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds

Download Kerri-Lee Beasley's Design Secrets Revealed

Presentation Zen Foreword
Presentation Zen Design Concepts - Heather

Table Talk

How much of this do you think your students know? How much should they know? Are you modeling it?


***Make a copy of the Zen Demos Slides***

Workshop Resources

Your Turn

Add a slide to this collaborative slideshow. Copy and paste one of the demo slides you worked on, or create a new one. Try a few of the ideas we talked about today.

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Table Talk

What are some ways you are using Google Slides or other presentation tools in the classroom?

Inspiring ideas and more resources

Presentation Zen Demos