Getting Going with Google Drive

Getting Going with Google Drive

Do you feel like a newbie when using Google Drive? Need help organizing all your documents? Want to use the collaborative power of Google Drive with your students? Come to this session designed for Google Drive beginners! We’ll spend time focused on the basics of Google Drive (organizing, searching, sharing) to get you up and running. And then we’ll share real teacher examples of how you can use Google Drive to support learning in your classroom. Discover the research tool and learn how you can provide feedback in a Google Doc. Did you know you can easily add math equations into a Doc with the gMath add on? Plus, learn how you can use Drive to organize your lesson plans.

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Google Apps Learning Center

Training materials for getting started with Google Apps. Includes short videos and app basics. Good for beginners.

Google Drive Support Center

Nicely organized support materials for most of Google's tools. Good for beginners and experts.

Google for Education Training Center

Training materials specifically created for educators with teaching and learning examples. These are great resources if you want to work your way to becoming a Google Certified Educator (Levels 1 and 2).