L2.013 GApps Bootcamp



Learn Google Apps

Training materials for getting started with Google Apps. Includes short videos and app basics. Good for beginners.

Google Support

Nicely organized support materials for most of Google's tools. Good for beginners and experts.

Google Apps for Education Training Center

Training materials for people who want to become Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers. These materials are more advanced, but if you're looking for something specific, it's probably in there. Good for experts.

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Make a slide

  1. Open this collaborative Google Presentation and claim a slide.
  2. Put your name and school on the slide.
    1. Add an image that represents you.
    2. Add three words that describe you.
    3. In the Notes area, write the things you did to create your slide. Look at mine for an example.

Introduce yourself

    1. Name, school, position
    2. Brief explanation of your image and three words

If you have a question about how someone did something on their slide, please ask.


How did you insert an image? Where is your image from?

Learning 2.013 Preconference

Google Apps Bootcamp with Heather Dowd

This workshop will cover the basics of Google Apps for Education for people who are new to Google or who want to build their base skills. Participants will be introduced to and get practice using the core suite of Google tools–all within a classroom context. This is a hands-on workshop and everyone will walk away more comfortable and confident in their Google skills. Participants will need to bring a laptop and have access to a Google Apps for Education or Gmail account in order to participate. iPads or mobile devices are not suitable.

Target Audience: Educators who are new to the Google Apps environment (Google Docs, Calendars, Sites…)

Heather Dowd

Google Certified Teacher

Twitter G+ Blogger

Learning 2.013 GApps Bootcamp Introductions