Get it Write with Google Blogger

Get it Write with Google Blogger

Would you like to start blogging? Let’s get started answering why, who, how and what about blogging. Bring your laptop and mobile device for this hands-on session. We’ll create a blog, check settings, make a post and more. Learn what makes a good blog post and see how you can post from a mobile device.

  • Why blog?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you make a blog post?
  • What makes a good blog post?
  • Can you blog with students?


Why do you want to start a blog? Who is your audience?

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Create a blog

Follow along and let's create a new blog and check our settings.

Google Blogger support site

What makes a good blog post?

Check out this checklist for a meaningful blog POST (our SAS "POST" filter).

Now make a blog post that includes:






Sample blog post rubric


Add a link to your blog to this shared spreadsheet.

Click on the blog link below yours and leave a comment.

Go back to your blog and check the comment that was left and reply.

India Summit Blog Links

Commenting resources you can use with students:

How to write a good comment mini-lesson

Commenting guidelines

Student blogging

How might we use blogs with students?

Extra resources

Why blog with students? - SAS teacher responses

Why Should Middle School Students Blog - Wes Fryer

Blogger setup for SAS middle school students

Teacher Dashboard by Hapara

YIS Student Blogs

Great resources and blog examples from Jeff Utecht

Advice on starting kids with blogging - Kim Cofino

Information given to kids when starting blogging - Yokohama International School

Kim Cofino’s student examples

How a high school IB English teacher got started - Scroll down to this part: Follow this link to see how an IB English High School teacher (Mr. Munson) "got started"

How to give students a voice in their education

More resources including some sample blog rubrics - Edorigami


Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms by Will Richardson

Chapters 2 and 3, but especially chapter 2

Classroom Blogging - A teacher’s guide to blogs, wikis, and other tools that are shaping a new information landscape by David F. Warlick


Because Digital Writing Matters from the National Writing Project

the whole thing

The Digital Writing Workshop by Troy Hicks

Making Connections with Blogging - Authentic Learning for Today’s Classroom by Lisa Parisi and Brian Crosby