Bling Your Blogger

Bling Your Blogger

Tired of the standard Blogger templates? Not happy with the look of your blog? Perhaps your blog needs a makeover! Using the basics of good color and font choice, we’ll design a simple blog header in Google Drawings and then take a look at some of the advanced design options in the Blogger template designer. Come to this workshop to bling your blog into looking beautiful.

KL - Bling Your Blogger

Make a Blog Header

Open and make a copy of this template.

Add a text box and look for a font that matches your blog. (Click "More Fonts" at bottom for more choices.)

Change font color.

Change background color OR create a background shape.

Use simple shapes to make a design.

Download your blog header as a .png.

Blogger Template Designer

Open Blogger and go to your blog or create a new test blog.

(If you are using your existing blog, take a 'before' screenshot.)

Go to Template and change to Simple White.

Go to Layout and click Edit for the header.

Upload your new blog header.

Go to Template and click Customize and go to the template designer.

Use your color palette to make the various pieces of your blog match your header.

When finished, take an 'after' screenshot.

Let's Share

Put a screenshot of your new design in this shared presentation.

(If you have a before screenshot, include it too!)

Bling Your Blogger Share - ASB


Are your students blogging? How might you adapt this activity to do with them?